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Definition | Meaning:

  1. The custom of referring to a parent by the name of his or her child.
  2. The custom of referring to a company by the name of its product or service.

Example | Illustration:

  1. Referring to Research In Motion as BlackBerry is an example of teknonymy.


Definition | Meaning

  1. A verb which more precisely indicates the manner of doing something.

Examples | Illustrations

  • ‘to stroll’ is a troponym of ‘to walk’
  • ‘to whisper’ is a troponym of ‘to talk’


Definition | Meaning

  1. A brand name derived from a place name.

Examples | Illustrations

  • Kyocera (named after the city of Kyoto, Japan)
  • Champagne (named after the province of Champagne, France)
  • GMC Denali (named after Mount Denali, Alaska)
  • Kia Sedona (named after the city of Sedona, Arizona)
  • Subaru Outback (named after the Outback region of Australia)
  • Suzuki Verona (named after the city of Verona, Italy)
  • Toyota Tacoma (named after the city of Tacoma, Washington)

textual visibility

Definition | Meaning

  1. The likelihood that a given brand name will stand out in a block of text, such as a Wall Street Journal article. Many factors can contribute to a brand name’s textual visibility, including its length, initial letter, and spelling.

Examples | Illustrations

  • Kodak (high textual visibility)
  • Xerox (high textual visibility)

Compare | See

  • discourse audibility


Definition | Meaning

  1. A company name derived from the name of one of that company’s products or services.

Etymology | Origin

  • The term was originally coined to describe the practice in some cultures of renaming a parent after one of his or her children.